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Welcome to Ritual Cacao

We offer raw, organic, 100% pure Cacao, as well as; ceremonies, rituals, retreats, apprenticeships and workshops using Ceremonial Cacao from Amazonian Tribes.

10% of all our Cacao profit goes to AMARU, supporting indigenous groups on the frontline of protecting the Amazon.

Cacao is an important part of our daily ritual! Make it yours and see how this powerful transformational plant medicine can change your life!


Shop Cacao & Ceremonies

 We would love to see what you make with your cacao! So get creative & indulge us @ashaninkacacao

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If you love our cacao and ceremonies then have a look at the other great services that we offer…

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Join us for Cacao Church!

Join us on the 31st August for our first ever Saturday Service. More information coming soon!

Rebekah Shaman’s Membership Club

COMING SOON… If you are a regular then why not take advantage of our membership club.


Ritual Cacao Subscription Box

A monthly box of ceremonial cacao delivered straight to your doorstep. Launching soon, stay tuned :)

Check out our Certified Cacaoista’s

Our Certified Cacaoista’s are trained in the art of cacao & ceremony by Rebekah Shaman.