Why Ceremonial Cacao & What We Offer?

Our 100% raw, organic Asháninka Cacao is what we call ‘ceremonial grade,’ which means it is of the highest quality both as a food and energetically. Because we pay a fair price to the Asháninka tribes, and they lovingly grow, nurture and harvest the ancient Amazonian variety of criollo beans that grow naturally on their land, the Cacao can be used in sacred Plant Medicine Ceremony. When used as a Plant Medicine, Cacao works as a powerful heart opening tool.

Cacao is packed with goodness by naturally producing serotonin, dopamine, and anandamide - the bliss molecules that make us feel high. It increases the blood flow to the brain, creating more mental agility, awareness and focus, and opens our hearts so we feel more loving and peaceful. It is a great non-alcoholic alternative, as it produces a natural high without the hangover...

Who would have thought this humble confectionery would be such a powerful medicine in it's natural form? It’s time to share the love! ❤️

We offer three main Asháninka Cacao products and services!

  • 100% raw organic non-GMO cacao is available to buy directly from our online shop.

  • Hot chocolate Cacao drinking bars for corporate events, parties and everything in-between.

  • Cacao Ceremonies, in which Rebekah Shaman guides you through a heart opening shamanic journey.