Ritual Cacao Cup

Ritual Cacao Cup

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Your very own Ritual Cacao Cup. 

We wish to make drinking cacao a special daily ritual, so what better way to connect with the cacao than the vessel with which you drink the medicine.

Lovingly handmade in the UK, piece by piece on a potters wheel. 

A clay tumbler with a speckled glaze; a decorative surface with natural specks of iron from the clay which shows on the glaze.

With our cacao pod embossed into the cup decor, it’s the perfect spot to place your thumbs, and fully re-connect to the present moment while creating your own cacao ritual.

Viva La Medicina

Due to this being a handmade product, orders will be shipped out 2nd December 2019.

The perfect size for a delicious 250ml cup. 

This item is not suitable for dishwashers.

Please be careful when handling your cup if filled with piping hot cacao! Allow to cool before handling.