Cacao Community Event

Cacao Community Event

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Order of Service:

31st August

Special Guest Preacher:

Rebekah Shaman

26th October

Ecstatic Dance DJ:

Special Guest: B.Traits

30th November

Sound Healing & Gong:

Special Guest: TBC

Cacao Community Event

Connecting Cacao, Community, and Consciousness

Virgo New Supermoon Cacao Ritual and lunch of Beyond Illusion.

The Swiss Church in London

79 Endell St, London WC2H 9DY

Join us for an uplifting, heart-opening, shamanic plant medicine Saturday afternoon Service in the centre of London

If you have been feeling disconnected, alone, isolated, depressed and feel you have lost your sacred connection with the Divine, come and join our cacao community event.

Using Cacao as a sacred sacrament we will come together to open our hearts, create community, heal wounds, learn from each other, share our passions and joys, feel good and uplift our spirits in these times of darkness, unrest, turmoil and change.

It has been scientifically proven that when groups of people come together to meditate on an intention or focus, the energy ripples out into the world affecting the energetic field and adding to currents of peace and harmony that we are so needing on this planet.

We will be offering different services so you can come to all of them or choose the one that resonates with you!

Typical Timetable:

Doors open 1.30pm

Intention Setting and drinking Cacao: 2pm

2.30pm - 4pm: Service

4-4.30pm: Closing circle and Community Connection

4.30-5pm: Networking

In order to make it accessible to all tickets for our launch cover the cost of the Venue and Cacao

We will also have a Donation Box at the Saturday Service and will appreciate any kind offerings you make towards seeding this event and making this community a reality.

We will also be giving 10% of our profits into the AMARU FUND

Ticket prices thereafter are:

£30 Early Bird Ticket

£35 Full Price Ticket

£40 On The Door

My dream is to eventually fund Cacao Church purely on donations.


My dream of creating a space, which connects cacao, community and consciousness together in the heart of the city is finally birthing after a six and a half year journey with working with Cacao, and my dream is finally coming true.

On Saturday 31st August I will be launching my Cacao Community Event , and you are all invited.

It is an invitation to come and share your energy and love so that together we can seed Cacao Church in the future and spread this heart-opening and powerful medicine as far and wide as possible. We will drink a cup of sacred Cacao, set our intentions for the new moon and open our hearts.

We will drink a cup of sacred Cacao, set our intentions for the new moon and open our hearts. I will also be doing a talk about my journey, how I came to be a plant medicine shaman in the West, the importance of Cacao for community and consciousness, and how this is the time to be the rebel and stand up for what we believe in.

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