Beyond Illusion

Beyond Illusion

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Introducing the brand new book by Rebekah Shaman & sequel to The Shaman’s Last Apprentice…

Beyond Illusion

The Making of a Modern Day Urban Shaman

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Beyond Illusion charts in detail the metamorphosis process I went through after my profound Peruvian Amazon Plant Medicine apprenticeship, in 1998. It tells how I had to start ‘Living Shamanically,’ in order to rediscover my true self in the urban jungles of London. Come through the darkness of my own hopelessness, and go beyond the illusions of what I’d been conditioned to believe, to finally find the answers to my questions,

‘Who Am I?’ and ‘Why am I here?’

Over the fourteen years that this book spans, I learnt that this is the healing Ayahuasca and the plant medicines gave to me. They helped me to see beyond the illusion of the caterpillar, sparked my own imaginal cell activation, and reawakened my consciousness so I could bring my light to the world. This empowerment has enabled me to inspire thousands of others to do the same just as Don Juanito, my teacher, promised me it would. 

By sharing my story and my personal journey of awakening I hope it helps and resonates with those of you who have also had profound life-changing experiences with entheogens, meditation, connecting to nature, or anything else that has woken you up and helped you to see ‘Beyond the Illusion’ of the matrix. May it also inspire you to listen to your heart and be who you really are, an imaginal cell of conscious change that is sweeping across the planet.


The Shaman’s Last Apprentice 

…is the true story of my apprenticeship with Don Juanito, a Peruvian Ayahuasquero shaman in 1998.

This is the first part of my story and journey…

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I really wanted to write and say thank you. Thank you for inspiring me and teaching me. I resonated so much with your books and would one day love to work with you. I am so passionate about the planet and feel so overwhelmed by the plight of humanity and the planet, but your latest book has given me hope and some direction. Again thank you and some day I hope to be able to sit by your side in ceremony.
— Amanda Dillon