10 Top Tips to Making A Decision

Summer is behind us now as we head deeper into Autumn. The rest of this year is going to go super fast so this is a crucial time to get your intentions and desires clears so that you can focus the energy where you want it to go. Decisions need to be made and sometimes when we cannot see exactly where we are going it is challenging to know if we are making the right ones.

 If you are one of those people that need to make some decisions but unsure of the next steps here are ten top tips to help you clarify what is important:


How to Make a Decision

1. The most important thing is to find some quiet time to be with yourself. It is very difficult to get clear when there is external stuff going on. You are important, so make the time to be in silence to hear your own intuition and inner wisdom. 

2. The key to getting clear on issues is to be clear on what you want to achieve. What is your intention and ultimate goal?

3. Ask yourself where you want to be in two years time/five years time. When we can see the destination, it is easier to know the steps to get there.

4. What is the greatest vision of yourself? The more powerful we see ourselves, the more we manifest. When we shoot for the stars, we go much further.

5. Use automatic writing techniques to discern your inner voice from your fear. Sit down and let your hand start writing without letting your rational mind get in the way. it may take a while, but suddenly, a stream of consciousness starts flowing, enabling you to see what is hidden in your unconscious.

6. When you are faced with two directions, go with the one that FEELS right, even if it’s the most irrational choice.  We cannot always see the bigger picture so TRUST yourself and your inner knowing.

7. Have faith and trust that your intention will be manifested, however impossible the situation may seem to be.

8. Be patient if things are not happening as fast as you want. We cannot push the flow of life, so if you are finding it hard to make the right choice, it might be because you need to wait a little longer before knowing what to do.

9. Share your decisions with those whose feedback you honour and respect. They may say something that brings clarity to your situation.

10. If you really don’t know, flip a coin.  You’ll know whether the coin is right or wrong.  It works every time….